Where to meet Wattsight

You can meet Wattsight at events throughout Europe. We arrange numerous energy conferences and seminars each year. In addition, our staff participates at other industry events.

Montel Events 2020

Alpine Energy Days

Mar 25 - Mar 26, 2020 Lech, Austria

Wattsight is attending Montel's Apline Energy Days in Lech


Montel Events 2020

Market Insights in Aarhus

Mar 12, 2020 Aarhus, Denmark
Montel Events 2020

French Energy Day

Apr 02, 2020 Paris, France
Montel Events 2020

Nordic Price Drivers

Apr 22 - Apr 23, 2020 Oslo, Norway
Montel Events 2020

Budapest Energy Day

May 07, 2020 Budapest, Hungary
Montel Events 2020

German Energy Day

May 28, 2020 Dusseldorf, Germany
Montel Events 2020

Finnish Energy Day

Jun 11, 2020 Helsinki, Finland