The Data Center Closing Will Follow a Step by Step Plan

Jan. 14, 2021

We have decided to not close the Data Center completly 1. Feb 2021, but rather start a step by step closing process on this date. This is to accomodate for several requests for more time to do the transition over to the new API.

The step by step closing proceedure stretches the Data Center shut down over several months. For each passing month, data related to a list of filter categories on will be removed. The detailed removal plan follows:

1st of February:

  • CO2, Elcert, Intraday, Miscellaneous, Weather
  • In addition, and will stop working

15th of March

  • Hydro Power, Spot Fundamentals, Forward

13th of April

  • Hydrology, Nuclear, Power, Exchange

3rd of May

  • Consumption, Photovoltaic, Precipitation Energy, Residual Load, Temperature, Wind Power, Spot Price

Files under the remaining filter categories will still be published through the Data Center until further notice. These filter categories are:

  • Coal and Freight, Gas, Imbalance market, Powermaps, UMM, EMPS Details.

We want to emphasise that and will be removed 1. Feb 2021. This means that any bookmarks or loaders using these adresses will stop working after this date. Please use instead and, which will be kept operative during the Data Center removal period.

For information about how to map data from Data Center to the new API, please read this blog post. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on